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Shedding Light on Genetically Engineered Food
Table of Contents


Introduction: Americans Kept in the Dark

Until it has been independently tested and found safe for human consumption, any food that contains GE ingredients should be labeled. Citizens in more than 40 countries have a choice not to eat GE food thanks to labeling. Why should Americans be denied the freedom to make an equally informed choice?

Chapter 1: The Biotech Façade

Precarious Breeding
Crossing the species barrier to create new life forms has never occurred in nature. It is not the same as conventional breeding and the impact on your health is unpredictable.

Patenting and Owning Life
Laws against patenting life changed when the Supreme Court granted a patent on the first GE life form in 1980. This move opened the door for chemical companies to reprogram and patent (own) your food.

Who is Messing with Your Food?
Look at some of the top corporations that control your food and have told the public to “trust us.” Can you believe them when they have repeatedly done business at the expense of public health?

Reality Check
The biotech industry and US government claim, among other things, that GE crops are needed to feed the world. This and other myths are debunked.

Risky Business
The insurance industry will not insure the safety of GE food. Why should you be expected to eat it?

Chapter 2: Science Under the Influence

Conflicts of Interest
Biotech companies routinely suppress undesirable research results, even if it risks your health. Who is watching out for you?

The Emperor’s (FDA’s) Biotech Clothes
FDA scientists, consumer groups, advocacy groups, religious organizations, and other concerned scientists sued the FDA. How can the FDA claim that GE food is generally recognized as safe by the scientific community?

Continuing to Gamble with Your Health
If GE food were safe, why are scientists concerned about horizontal gene transfer, increased allergies, and other illnesses as a result of GE food consumption?

Scientists’ Open Letter on the Hazards of Genetically Engineered Foods and Crops
“The current generation of genetically modified (GM) crops unnecessarily risks the health of the population and the environment. Present knowledge is not sufficient to safely and predictably modify the plant genome, and the risks of serious side effects far outweigh the benefits...” Read what independent scientists—who don’t have vested interests in biotech—know about GE food.

Chapter 3: Connect These Dots

Presidential Advocacy
Government support of the biotech industry is not an issue of party politics. It is simply and purely an issue of corporate lobbying money and power.

Revolving Door
Through economic and political pressure, see how one biotech corporation has significantly influenced past administrations and continues to maintain prominent connections to the current administration.

Corporations increase their power in the marketplace by financially supporting political candidates and public officials. How much has biotech influenced Washington?

Taxpayers Bankroll Biotech
Do you know that you support the multi-billion dollar biotech industry? The private biotech industry gets richer, while you support it with your federal and state taxes.

Biotech Oppression
Why isn’t GE food labeled? Why can’t states regulate GE crops? This risky food has been forced on the American public, while your right to choose not to eat it continues to be whittled away.

Chapter 4: Biotech Persuaders

Government- and industry-sponsored media coverage and propaganda promote the image of GE foods as being harmless and necessary, while censoring potentially damaging biotech news stories.

Biotech Front Groups
What are common front groups? Who funds them and what are their claims about the safety of genetically modified crops? Learn about them and who is behind them so you will be wise to their claims.

Government- and Industry-Sponsored Propaganda
Find out how you are paying for propaganda that is used to mold biotech-favorable public opinion.

Chapter 5: Take It Personally

In a Transgenic Nutshell
It is easy to see how unsuspecting consumers in America have been kept in the dark about GE foods, yet U.S. taxpayers unknowingly prop up the biotech industry.

Take Action
What can you do to protect your health? It’s easier than you think.

The Future
The future is now. Many organizations and individuals are taking steps to make a positive change toward our future. So can you. Learn how.


Want more information?
Look at this comprehensive list of great websites and find out about organizations making a difference to protect your health. If you want to know more about GE food and science, politics, advocacy, and more, it’s all here. Highly recommended books and film documentaries are included.

End Notes


You deserve to know the truth.

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Shedding Light on Genetically Engineered Food
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